Universal Size Europe Size Bust in CM
S 38/40 76-80
M 42/44 80-88
L 46/48 88-96
XL 50/52 96-104
2XL 52/54 104-112



Universal Size Europe Size Chest size in cm
S 34/36 84-88
M 38 88-98
L 40 98-102
XL 42 102-106
2XL 44 106-112

Brand history

Welcome to the RL’ON universe * , 
You have to wonder why all these masked women and what message is hiding behind these hoods?In order to answer these questions, I will tell you how and why the brand came into being.I am a Parisian stylist and therefore naturally passionate about fashion. Since many of us have been doing this job, I had to find myself a peculiarity, something singular.Then I had an idea:I'm...Now I was going to add a hood to the outfits I offered to modelers and artists. I was going to do more talking about the garment and the intensity of the look.
During a photo shoot, one of the models paused cigarettes and the photographer captured the moment (see photo below). Once broadcast on social networks, this cliché went around the canvas. As I discovered, astonished, his publication on a Japanese Tumblr, I made the decision to ally the strength of this image to my domain of choice. The first RL'ON* T-shirt was born.
Following his success, I began to make my own hoods and imagine visuals with varied themes, to expand my collection. Athrough my models, I decided to put forward the strength and mystery of women in what they represent for women but also in the eyes of men.
 Today, I am trying to develop RL'ON* in France and abroad and have already had the opportunity to give my products to many personalities such as:
In the USA : Ty Tryone (Beyoncé Stylist), Ty Dolla Sign, Justin Combs, Lexy Panterra, Teyana Taylor, Draya Michele, Joe budden, Afro B or Jeezy.
In FRANCE: Joël Bouräima (Kanye West and Kardashian sports coach), Dosseh, Noom Diawara, or Hiro.
Thanks to all the people who helped me to implement this project,
the RL'ON adventure is just starting.
* Lips rouges ou non